Soften Your Feet

Dry, cracked feet are not only uncomfortable, but they can ruin a perfect pair of shoes by distracting the eyes. Soften your feet over time with some simple maintenance including your personal combination of the following steps:

1. Wash

In the shower or tub, spend an extra minute scrubbing your feet. Wash between your toes and squeeze soapy water into the gap between your nail and toe.

2. Soak

Treat yourself to a foot soak at least once every week. Soak for at least 10 minutes, then use a pumice stone to remove hard, dry skin from your feet.

I highly recommend using a heated foot spa so the water stays warm. Consider the Ivation Foot Spa Massager, which heats and massages both. However, you don’t need to spend so much to take care of your feet, consider a simple water basin, too.

3. Moisturize

My favorite way to moisturize my feet is to use a thick moisturizing lotion before wearing socks to bed. Consider a lotion with a soft scent (or no scent) so you can still sleep easily, such as Olay Quench Ultra Moisture.

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